Get Started With Composting at Home!*

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Did you know that if you composted all your household’s food waste for a year it is the equivalent, in reduced carbon emissions, to not driving your car for six months? Composting makes a difference! And, it’s pretty easy.

To start composting, you need just a few things:

A place to collect the food scraps (usually in the kitchen)
A compost pile or worm bin
An aerator to stir the pile

That's it!

1. What should you house your food scraps in?

To start composting, you need just a few things:

Any bucket with a lid will do. Depending on how much volume of food scraps your household creates, and how often you want to empty the bucket, it could be a 5 gallon bucket or a large yogurt container. I like to empty mine at least twice a week. If you want a nice looking container that doesn’t detract from your decor, check out these pretty and functional compost buckets.

2. Compost pile or Worm Bin? Well, it depends!

Depending on your living situation, one might be better than the other...

If you have a yard with space for a compost pile or a compost tumbler, that is a relatively easy option that just requires a little maintenance. This is a great little book that shows different home compost bins you can build in your yard! (We'll get to worm bins soon!)

Just want to buy a compost tumbler? I really like this one because it has two chambers so you can let one rest and compost while you start filling the other chamber. Plus it is made from 100% recycled plastic!

Now let's talk about Worm Bins!

What's the difference between a pile, tumbler and a worm bin?

The difference between a compost pile, bin, or tumbler and a worm bin, is that with a worm bin, you guessed it, you are depending on the worms to eat the food and packaging scraps to turn it into worm castings, which can then be harvested to fertilize your garden or houseplants.

You can definitely have a worm bin in your yard, if you prefer it to a compost bin or tumbler, and they are a great option. Here is a great worm bin you can buy for your yard that's a raised garden bed, worm farm, compost bin and garden seat all in one!

Want a worm bin, but live in an apartment? No problem!

Something you might not know about me...

Is that I have a high school aged kid, and and the closest high school to our Farm is about 90 minutes away. I want my kid to be able to participate in extracurricular activities, and that would be super challenging with the long commute, so we have been renting a little apartment near the school so he can walk. Of course this is a sacrifice for me, to not be on the farm every day, but the things we do for our kids, right?

So, once we started living in this apartment, it was KILLING me to put my food waste in the garbage. I needed to find a solution, and I found this amazing company, Subpod. They make the greatest worm bin options for apartment dwellers that not only allow you to compost your food wastes, you can grow some food in the subpod too!

I have this Subpod for the apartment, and I just put it in an old grow bag from a friend’s farm.

But you can also buy a grow bag from Subpod!

Have a bigger family? No problem with this larger option!

I personally love the balcony grow bundle because it's beautiful, and it’s at a great height so that you don’t have to bend over to use it. It also has a few add on options of trellis and a greenhouse type cover for it so you can expand your gardening options.

But apartment composting doesn’t have to cost you anything!

You can make your own worm bin with some items you might already have around your home. Check out our tutorial on making your own worm bin, with Walter!

3. The last thing you need: an aerator!

Basically, just something to stir the pile...

Subpod makes this one that works great!

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