Sol Shine Activating Full Flower Cannabis Pre-Rolls

CrusingOrganic Hybrid Cannabis Strainorganic sativa cannabis strainpre-rollSativa

Potency: 21.31% thc, 3.01% cbd, .97 % terpenes

Aroma/ Flavor: Bright and clean, turpentine, cinnamon, earth.

Effects: Joyful, euphoric and energizing.

Genetics: Green Ribbon x Granddaddy Purple x Tahoe Alien

Activities: Cleaning and organizing, Exercising, Focused creative work.

Creative; Energetic; Euphoric; Focused; Giddy; Premium; Cultivator, Family Owned, Female-Owned, Heritage & Legacy Brand; Beginner, Enthusiast, Shelf-stable

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All flower 1 gram pre-roll in an organic hemp cone, packaged in hemp plastic tubes with compostable labels and cellulose biodegradable tamper bands.   24 Pre-Rolled Cannabis Flower Joints Per Case.