Sun Grown Regenerative Cannabis Farming Practices

Regenerative organic agriculture can sequester carbon and reverse climate change!

Research from the Rodale Institute demonstrates that if organic, regenerative agriculture was adopted globally, climate change could be reversed. To show how powerful regenerative, organic agriculture could be as a climate change solution, the Institute created a global model based on 100 percent transition to this type of agriculture. Using emission rates from 2012, they found that the world’s farmlands could have sequestered 111 percent emissions that year.

Sun Grown Regenerative Cannabis


No-Til Farming

Cover crops, composting & crop rotation minimize soil disturbance, increases crop diversity.

JADAM Natural Farming

Increases biodiversity and helps protect our soil

Intentional Rotational Grazing

Our pigs & chickens help give back to the land

Sun+Earth Certified | DEM Pure Certified

Beyond Organic Cannabis Cultivation

We Are Sun+Earth Certified

The Three Pillars of Sun+Earth Certification
1. Earth Care & Cultivation
These standards represent an evolution beyond organic by embracing the concept of regeneration.
2. Human Empowerment
In addition to regenerative farming practices, these standards also attempt to address the rights of farm workers, who as a social group within agriculture have long been exploited and marginalized.
3. Community Engagement
Finally, the standards include language that requires the farm to engage their local community with greater focus and intention.

And Dem Pure Certified!

Dem Pure Family
Pure Certified Farmers and Businesses
A group of hardworking, dedicated, intentional people that cultivate clean pure cannabis in harmony with nature. We go above and beyond to be leaders in innovation and intelligent land design. We make up all realms of diversity. We are all over the globe and we are joining together to create a powerful, compassionate voice for Pure, Healthy Cannabis Medicine. Through observation of Mother Nature, we mimic her natural cycles in preparing our farms and soils. We are bringing medicine to the market in a way that is respectful to the soil, the ecosystem, the plant, and the consumers.

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