We are on a mission to reverse climate change, while making the world a happier place

Let's Talk About Our Compostable Packaging!

It's Made From Plants!
It Turns Into Soil!
It Protects The Flower!

Composting plays a big role in reversing climate change, and is a small change you can make in your daily life that has a big impact.   In fact, composting your food and packaging waste for one year avoids a carbon footprint equal to driving a car for 6 months! 

Single use plastic packaging is crazy, when you think about it. If you buy a pre-roll in a single use plastic tube, you might enjoy the effects of that flower for a few hours, but that tube is going to hang around in the environment for hundreds of years!

Our compostable packaging is made from home compostable materials that breakdown within months and turn back into soil, then we can use it to grow more flower!

Our Packaging is 100% Compostable!

  • Our pre-roll tubes and eighth containers are made from canola oil.
  • All our labels are made from cellulose, recycled paper, or sugarcane paper.
  • To keep the flower fresh, we use air tight seals made from cellulose. 
  • We protect the flower from light by enclosing our eighths in in a compostable and recyclable box you can use as a rolling tray.
  • The bags we use for our 1 gram and 14 gram flower options are made from paper and a plant based bioplastic called PLA.
Ultimately, the best packaging is NO packaging.  We encourage you to grow your own!  And, when you shop, you can rest assured that our flower is in the most environmentally friendly packaging in cannabis.

"That Flower Was Fire! Now What Do I Do With The Packaging?"

The most environmentally friendly thing you can do with any packaging is re-use it, but we understand there are only so many little containers and bags a person needs in thier life.  And, many municipalities don’t allow compostable packaging into their greenwaste bins yet, so how can you make sure this awesome Sol Spirit packaging gets composted correctly?

If you have a home compost pile, you can put the packaging there. We recommend breaking up the pop tops and shredding the bags as much as possible. Don’t have a compost bin at home, but want to have one?  Check out our affiliate page with the 3 things you need to compost at home! Plus a bonus video on how to make your own worm bin with Walter!

Find our Sol Spirit Packaging Take Back receptable in most stores that carry our flower, and put your used packaging in there. Save up five tubes or pop tops and receive a reward when you return them!

We are teaming up with local community gardens and waste collectors to make sure our packaging gets composted correctly. Join us at an event and be rewarded for showing up and bringing back packaging to compost!

Find an Event Near You! (coming soon)

How can composting reverse climate change?

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